Revamp Instagram Stories with Ease

Changing the background of your Instagram story breathes new life into your daily posts, allowing for a fresh visual aesthetic that can match your mood or theme. Whether you’re using an Android, iPhone, or iPad, the process remains user-friendly and straightforward.

Introduction to Background Customization

Instagram offers a plethora of ways to enhance your stories, from adding music to including various interactive stickers. However, one lesser-known feature is the ability to alter the background of your story. This can be particularly useful if you want to feature a photo or text without the default background color or if the image doesn’t fill the entire screen.

Basic Background Changes

To change the background to a solid color when the image doesn’t fill the screen, you can simply select a new color from the palette. This method involves opening your story, tapping on the ‘Draw’ tool, selecting the ‘Pen’, and then choosing your color. For a custom color, use the dropper tool to pick a precise match from within your image.

Advanced Techniques

For more intricate backgrounds, such as adding an image or creating a transparent color overlay, Instagram’s stickers and third-party apps come into play. You can add a new image as your background using the gallery sticker or use design apps like Canva to create custom backgrounds that can then be uploaded to Instagram.

MethodDescriptionTools Needed
Solid ColorChange to a solid background color using the draw tool.Instagram App
Custom ImageAdd a custom image from your gallery as the background.Gallery Sticker, Third-party Design Apps
Transparent OverlayCreate a color overlay that allows your photo to show through.Marker Tool, Opacity Adjustment

Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how you can change the background of your Instagram story:

  • Open the Instagram Story: Tap on the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Story’ to start creating a new story.
  • Choose Your Background Method: Decide whether you want a solid color, an image, or a transparent overlay as your background.
  • Customize Your Background: Depending on your choice, use the appropriate tools to customize your background. This might involve selecting a color, uploading an image, or adjusting transparency.
  • Add Additional Elements: Once your background is set, you can add text, stickers, or music to enhance your story further.
  • Publish Your Story: Review your story to ensure everything is as expected, then tap ‘Next’ and ‘Done’ to publish.

Final Touches

Once you’ve mastered the background changes, you’re ready to explore further customization. Experiment with different background colors and images to see what works best with your content. With practice, you’ll find that these changes can significantly impact your story’s feel and engagement.


  • Can I use custom colors for my Instagram story background? Yes, you can use the color picker tool to select any color directly from an image you’ve uploaded to your story.
  • Is it possible to add a photo as a background to a text-only Instagram story? Absolutely, you can use the gallery sticker to upload any image from your device and set it as the background.
  • How can I make my Instagram story background transparent? Use the marker tool to select a color and then hold down on the screen until you reach the desired transparency level.
  • Can I change the background after adding stickers and text? Yes, you can still adjust the background by reselecting the draw or sticker tools and making your changes.
  • What are some good apps for creating custom Instagram story backgrounds? Apps like Canva or Adobe Spark offer robust tools for creating vibrant and unique backgrounds.

Enrich Your Storytelling

Understanding how to change the background on your Instagram story allows you to tell your story in a more visually appealing way. Whether you opt for a bold solid color, a beautiful gradient, or an artistic photo, each choice adds a layer of depth to your narrative. By mastering these tools, you can ensure your Instagram stories stand out and attract more viewers.

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