Can you get free V-Bucks in Fortnite?

Looking to snag some of the coolest skins and emotes in Fortnite? Then you’ll need to drop real cash and purchase V-Bucks – a premium currency used to buy in-game items through the Fortnite Item Shop. However, many of the most exciting cosmetics require thousands of V-Bucks, and with 1,000 V-Bucks costing $9, your bank will take a serious hit if you want to purchase a whole new wardrobe for your character. However, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a way to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite. Well, sort of.

Earning V-Bucks for free in Fortnite Battle Royale

V-Bucks are the key to looking good in Fortnite; however, they do come with a price of their own. Players can always open their wallets and dump small amounts of real money into the game, but we’re focusing on how players can earn V-Bucks without breaking the bank.

Fortnite features a battle pass unique to each season. The pass will cost players 950 V-Bucks to fully unlock at the beginning of each season. This works similarly to the battle pass in Call of Duty: Warzone. You can level up the battle pass by earning XP in-game and completing challenge missions.

Completing the battle pass will net you about 1,500 V-Bucks, which is plenty to buy next season’s pass. However, players are now left with 550 V-Bucks to spend. Unfortunately, the most appealing (legendary) items will cost upwards of 2,000 V-Bucks. Patient players will accept the grind and are advised to bank their V-Bucks until they have enough to buy the skin they truly desire. Completing the battle pass will always unlock free cosmetics as well, so you can at least flair up your character without dipping into your V-Bucks saving account.

Earning free V-Bucks in Fortnite: Save the World

If you’ve played Fortnite since day one, you’ll remember the game only being in its beta stage. Battle royal was the only playable mode as this lingering “zombie” mode remained locked to players. Save the World is that mode. It’s a co-op PvE experience where players fend off hordes of Fortnite zombies while they loot, build, and level up.

Fortnite: Save the World is not free to play. It currently runs for $39.99 but could see a sale price as the holiday season approaches. This paid mode will grant you a daily V-Buck login bonus and offers several challenges to complete in-game. Completion of these challenges will reward you with V-Bucks. The catch to Save the World is obviously that it’s a premium experience, meaning you’ll need to pay real cash to access the mode.

However, if you are a dedicated Fortnite player, that investment will prove worth it in the long run. Combine what you earn in Save the World with what you’ve banked from completing the battle pass, and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the skins and dance moves you so badly desire.

Avoid Fortnite scams!

Unfortunately, there are troves of V-Buck scams all over the internet. Epic has made it very clear that any service not directly connected to Epic is 100% a scam. They will request your credit card info, account info, and even some unrelated personal info. Do NOT under any circumstance fall for it. There’s no cosmetic item in Fortnite worth having your identity stolen over. It’s also important to note that players participating in these scams can be on the receiving end of a permanent ban from Fortnite.

Buying V-Bucks (the safe way)

If you’ve decided that grinding out free V-Bucks isn’t for you, buying them directly from the Fortnite store is always an option. Prices and deals continuously fluctuate in Fortnite, and right now you can get $1,000 V-Bucks for $9 and 13,500 for $90.

Another option is the Fortnite Crew Pass. This works as a monthly subscription for $11.99/month and will grant players access to the current season’s battle pass, 1,000 V-Bucks every month, and monthly “crew packs” unique to those who purchase the subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I really get free V-Bucks in Fortnite?
A: Yes, you can! Learn how to earn V-Bucks for free through various methods outlined in this article.

Q: Is Fortnite: Save the World worth buying?
A: If you’re a dedicated Fortnite player, investing in Save the World can be rewarding, as it offers daily V-Buck bonuses and in-game challenges for V-Buck rewards.

Q: Are there any risks associated with trying to get free V-Bucks?
A: Yes, be wary of scams claiming to offer free V-Bucks. Only trust official methods outlined by Epic Games.

Q: Can I use V-Bucks purchased on one platform on another?
A: No, V-Bucks purchased on one platform cannot be transferred to another. They are tied to the platform where they were purchased.

Q: What happens if I encounter a V-Buck scam?
A: Report any suspicious activity to Epic Games immediately to protect yourself and other players from potential harm.

Q: Are there any discounts or deals available for purchasing V-Bucks?
A: Yes, Fortnite occasionally offers discounts on V-Bucks purchases. Keep an eye out for special promotions in the game.

Q: Can I earn V-Bucks through gameplay alone?
A: Yes, completing challenges and leveling up in Fortnite can earn you V-Bucks without spending real money.

Q: What should I do if I suspect someone of participating in V-Buck scams?
A: Encourage them to report the activity to Epic Games and avoid engaging with suspicious offers.

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