Block YouTube on iPhone Easily

Whether you’re aiming to curb distractions or manage your child’s screen time, knowing how to block YouTube on your iPhone is essential. This article will guide you through various methods to achieve this, ensuring a distraction-free environment or safe browsing for kids.

Understanding Screen Time Restrictions

One effective way to block YouTube is through the Screen Time settings on your iPhone. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Screen Time’.
  • Tap on ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ and enable it.
  • Choose ‘Content Restrictions’, then ‘Apps’, and set the age limit to 12+ to block YouTube, which requires a higher age rating.

Remove YouTube and Limit App Installations

If direct restrictions seem too complicated, you can simply remove the YouTube app and disable the installation of new apps:

  • Press and hold the YouTube app icon on your home screen, then choose ‘Remove App’.
  • In ‘Settings’ under ‘Screen Time’, navigate to ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ and set ‘Installing Apps’ to ‘Don’t Allow’.

Limiting YouTube Access in Web Browsers

To block YouTube in Safari and other browsers:

  • Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Screen Time’ and ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’.
  • Select ‘Web Content’, choose ‘Limit Adult Websites’, and add YouTube to the ‘Never Allow’ list.

Set Time Limits for YouTube Use

If completely blocking YouTube isn’t necessary, setting a time limit might be a practical solution:

  • Under ‘Screen Time’, select ‘App Limits’, add a limit, and choose YouTube. Set your desired daily usage time.

Alternative Methods and Tools

For those looking for alternatives to the built-in options, third-party apps like AdLock can help block YouTube ads and content effectively:

  • Download AdLock from the App Store, enable it in ‘Settings’ under ‘Safari’ -> ‘Extensions’, and restart your device.

Wrapping Up Distraction-Free Solutions

With these methods, you can control YouTube usage on your iPhone, creating a more focused and appropriate digital environment. Have you found these steps helpful in managing YouTube access?


Can I block YouTube without deleting the app?

Yes, you can use Screen Time settings to restrict the app without deletion by setting appropriate content and privacy limits.

Is it possible to block YouTube on all browsers?

Yes, by setting ‘Limit Adult Websites’ in Screen Time and specifically adding YouTube to the ‘Never Allow’ list, you can block it across all installed browsers.

What if my child needs to access YouTube for educational content?

Consider setting a time limit or using YouTube Kids, which provides child-friendly content, ensuring they access only age-appropriate videos.

How do I prevent new apps from being installed?

Under Screen Time, go to ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’, tap ‘iTunes & App Store Purchases’, and choose ‘Don’t Allow’ for installing apps.

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