How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

Whether you’re promoting your own content or highlighting others’ creations, sharing a YouTube video on Instagram can significantly expand its reach. This guide simplifies the process, making it accessible to all Instagram users, regardless of their follower count.

Ready to Share? Start Here!

Initially, secure the YouTube video link you intend to share. Instagram now enables all users to attach links to their stories via the ‘Link’ sticker, so the old follower count requirement is no longer an obstacle.

Simple Steps to Share on Instagram Stories

Begin by copying the desired YouTube video link. Next, open your Instagram, navigate to your story, and tap the sticker icon to find the ‘Link’ sticker. Here, you can paste your copied link and share it directly to your story, making it clickable for all your followers.

Table of Influential Steps

1Copy YouTube LinkLink ready to be shared
2Add to Instagram StoryAccess to sticker feature
3Use ‘Link’ StickerEmbed link in the story
4Post Your StoryLink goes live for followers

Expanding Your Sharing Options

Aside from sharing in stories, Instagram also allows the integration of YouTube videos into regular posts and Reels. For videos longer than 90 seconds, consider editing them to meet Instagram’s requirements, or simply share them as a traditional post.

Repurpose with Reels

Instagram Reels offer a dynamic way to share content. By editing your YouTube videos to fit the Reels format, you engage more effectively with your audience, potentially increasing your video’s exposure and interaction.

Embedding Directly in Your Feed

To post a YouTube video on your Instagram feed, first download the video using a service like Y2mate, then upload it as a regular post or Reel. Remember to craft engaging captions that resonate with your audience to boost engagement.

A Fresh Approach to Video Sharing

By understanding how to share a YouTube video on Instagram, you can enhance your profile’s appeal and engage more deeply with your audience. Utilize these tips to ensure your shared content captures the attention it deserves.

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